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Welcome to the TimberTown Reimagined Interactive Map!

By hovering over a number you can see what the play element might look like, learn about what kids skills experience, as well as the available Sponsorship Level. Below is the key that shows if an element is replaced, renewed or brand new! If you would like to sponsor a play element, please email Matt McKernan or Judy Stratman for info! Or download our "Book of Wonders" sponsorship packet. To make a donation of any size, click here!

4 twisty gietzen.png
5 slide reimco_edited.png
secret criids 6 cobra.png
7 climbing mann family.png
fire 8 bars ropes_edited.jpg
9 step hops.png
10 rev  spinner.png
3 benches.png
3 benches.png
doors 12 verve.jpg
11 swing set 512_edited.jpg
13 begin rainbow copy.png
14 orbit.png
15 orb rocker.png
16 flowers sbk_2.jpg
17 rider chelsea plank.png
heydlauffs 18 store front a.png
iha 19 tot town swings.jpg
20 farmers 5H logo.png
21 playhouse TTfair.jpg
cole slide.png
23 riverboat TT.png
24 daisy TT diane k.png
25 pollys astor tt playhouse tunnel.png
26 TT bridges.png
27 TT custom tunnel silver maples.png
28 rainbor brdige TT.png
29 arch rock TT vanston obrien.png
512 monaco turn slide merkel.jpeg
cafa fire truck.png

GREEN: Renewed - Revitalized park features that will be refurbished for a fresh, vibrant look and feel.

YELLOW: Replaced - Outdated or unsafe items that will be replaced modern alternatives to ensure a safe and enjoyable park experience.

BLUE: New - Brand new additions to the park that will excite and captivate visitors.

3 benches mck logo.png
3 benches eder diver.png
CAGC benches.png

A community survey taken in Fall 2022 found that some of the issues were decaying wood/splinters, broken play elements, sagging bridges, frayed rope, parental sight lines, and general maintenance, such as the need for more sand, painting, insect control, etc.  Play By Design -- a company with deep familiarity of the 1990 era structures -- conducted a site review and also found safety issues that need correction. Learn  more about the current condition of the play structure.

Donations are processed by Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that facilitates trail development and use in Washtenaw County

(*We recommend viewing  clickable, interactive elements on your desktop. These elements have ben disabled on mobile. )

20  Mb Chelsea_Plan View LABELED_1-24-24.jpg
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