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Pennies forOur Park Challenge



  • On Monday, April 15- Friday, April 19, your child can bring in spare change to add to their class' 'Park Jug' at school.

  • All proceeds go to rebuilding TimberTown.

  • Coins will be counted at the end of the week and funds will be matched (up to $100,000) by Chelsea State Bank and an anonymous foundation!

With your generous support, we'll be able to renovate many of the outdated and unsafe structures within the park. From refurbishing existing elements like the 'Clocktower Lookout' to completely transforming 'Tot-Town', every penny counts towards creating a safer, more engaging space for everyone in our community to enjoy. 

Graduating classes collecting over $200 will win an engraved picket with "CHS CLASS OF 20##" as a part of the permanent fence surrounding the park for generations to come.

This is a fun way for your kids to take part in a grassroots, community-based volunteer effort that will improve the parks safety, sight-lines, and accessibility. For specific park improvements, take a peek at our interactive map!

Your child should have a printed handout that was sent home with them.
Here is a digital copy.

The Family Legacy Picket Program

Are you interested in sponsoring a picket for your family, child, or organization? Here's an incredible chance to give a lasting gift without focusing on material possessions. Donate $250 or more and complete the 'Picket Form' to ensure your donation has a lasting impact! This fence picket will endure for many years, symbolizing your contribution to the park's future. Join us in paying it forward and take part in our Picket Legacy Progray.

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