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Legacy Program

The Picket Program

Your generous contributions of $250 or more will have a lasting impact for years to come!


Join us in our Picket Program and become a part of the legacy of our park. By sponsoring a picket for your family, child, parent, group, or organization, you're not only supporting the upkeep of our beloved park but also leaving a meaningful mark for future generations to admire. Each picket represents a story, a memory, and a commitment to preserving the beauty and enhancing the accessibility and essence of our community space.


After you donate, you'll fill out the 'Picket Form' below, ensuring that your dedication lasts the test of time.


These pickets aren't just simple markers; they're symbols of unity, generosity, and the spirit of giving back. Together, let's build a fence that stands as a testament to our collective commitment to the park's enduring legacy. Quantities are limited. Reserve yours today! Deadline is June 1.


Join us today in paying it forward and leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Questions? Email us!

Custom Picket Information 

Fill out the form below so we know how to customize your picket! No profanity, please ;) 

Your custom text must be 22 characters or less (including spaces) of alphanumeric characters or special characters to ensure that it fits correctly on your fence picket.

Normal characters allowed:

Special characters allowed: 
✝️ 🐾🙂❤️🌸☮️⭐️🌷

(If you would like one of these special characters included on your picket, please copy and paste it into the form field.)

*To order additional pickets, simply refresh this page after you have clicked 'Submit.'

Thank you for your generous donation and involvement in TimberTown!

We have received your submission and will touch base if we have questions.

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