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For this project to be a success we will need hundreds of people volunteering in various ways.

Build Week is August 6-11, 2024
(with some pre-construction happening the week of July 8)


Sign-up for a Volunteer Opportunity

Click on the buttons below to read more about each opportunity and sign-up for a shift. 

We need 40-60 volunteers working on the job site per shift to rebuild TimberTown!!!

All ability levels are welcome (and needed!).
Shifts are 4 hours- Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. 

We only need 3 Volunteer Coordinators per shift. 

We are offering childcare to anyone working on the job site in the morning and afternoon.
Space is limited!

We need 4 volunteers for the morning and afternoon shifts. 

We will be providing food, light snacks and beverages.. Please donate. Event paper products count!

Volunteer to set-up/clean-up the food station. We only need 3 per shift!

Be a Captain

Captains of the Clocktower

Just like in 1997, we need Captains for each team of volunteers during Build Week. Each of these roles comes with all the information needed to help make the 2024 BIG BUILD a week you'll never forget!

Meet your captains: 

  • General Coordinator(s) - Rick Frankhart, Brian McLaughlin, Jerry Gordonier, Jeff Rohrer, Jeff Hardcastle

    • ​The General Coordinator supervises and coordinates all aspects of the project. He/she is responsible for overseeing all other coordinators and staying up to date on their progress. The GC is also the liaison with Play by Design professionals.

  • Volunteers Captain - Julie Sverid & Marijo Grogan

    • ​The Volunteers Coordinator solicits community members to participate in the playground build. Ideally, two people share the responsibilities. They will collect and organize potential volunteers 

  • Materials Captain​​​​ -  Doug LaPlant

    • This position may be split into “Donated Materials Coordinator” and “Purchased Materials Coordinator.” The Purchased Materials Coordinator should be ready to start pricing materials when you receive the Preliminary Materials List (PML). The Donated Materials Coordinator should be identified as soon as possible start identifying potential donors.

  • Tools Captain​ - Steve Wright

    • This coordinator gathers the necessary tools, typically loaned by individuals, rental shops, and occasionally tool manufacturers. All tools are borrowed for the duration of the project or as long as needed, usually 6 to 10 days. Tool owners are guaranteed that all tools will be returned in check-in condition, or they will be replaced. Funds are set aside to repair or replace any damaged equipment.

  • Food Captains - Cathy Blair, Sharon Castle

    • Your goal is to make the meal breaks a time for relaxing with fellow volunteers who are quickly becoming friends. It’s never too early to start planning! The food coordinator does not make the food; other people do.

  • Childcare Captain - Pat Rohrer, Kathy Brigham, Amy Fraser, Nicole Trinkle Coxford

    • If childcare is well organized and fun, everyone will have a great time. Plan the kind of childcare that will make volunteers want to work longer because their children are having so much fun.

  • Site Captain Team - Derik Bollinger, Patrick Muldoon

    • The site coordinator’s job begins around the time of the pre-construction visit. If your playground is at a community park, someone from the Parks & Rec Department or who is in charge of the facilities may take on this job. This person is responsible for preparing and staging the site for construction. The site coordinator is also responsible for making sure the construction electrical service is up and running before the build begins. The site coordinator must be on site for the entire build. It helps if he or she is a good delegator.

Check out this cool video from the original BUILD! If you were there, you'll feel joyous all over again! If you weren't, here's your chance to show some love to your community! Ready to be a Captain?  Email us with your choice. Thank you!

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Aug. 6 to 11, 2024!
Give whatever time you many have! 

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