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New Accessibility at TimberTown Reimagined

Times were different when TimberTown was built in the1990s. It was not until 2000 that official guidelines to make playgrounds more accessible were created.

Play by Design, the City of Chelsea’s playground expert and vendor for the TimberTown project, is helping communities all over the United States build playgrounds that meet these guidelines. And they are doing it in such a way, that you might not even realize that it’s an inclusive playground.

When TimberTown reopens in August, it will feature many pieces of equipment that are inclusive. These include:

  • Freedom Swing - with a seat to allow children of all abilities to enjoy the childhood joy of swinging in a safe and secure swing seat created just for them

  • Inclusive Orbit "Merry Go Round" - with a platform that is flush to the unitary surface for ease of access for all users, especially those with mobility devices.

  • Low Parallel Bars - are reachable from a wheel chair, allowing kids to exercise core and upper body while working on shoulder and core stability

  • Low Chin Bar -  reachable to build upper body strength and endurance, improve eye-hand coordination, and elevate children’s self-confidence.

  • Low Monkey Bars - reachable overhead events build upper body strength and endurance, improve eye-hand coordination, and elevate children’s self-confidence

  • Rev8 Spinner —has a transfer to the deck offering varied climbing experiences: rigid, metal climbers and flexible rope climbers allow children with varied abilities to climb at individual levels in the same space. It provides eight different climbing options for kids to work on a variety of skills.

  • Orb Rocker -  thoughtfully designed with grips that accommodate different body sizes and provide a perceptible place for hands and feet and a side entrance that allows all users of many abilities to enter and ride comfortably.

  • Enclosed Spring Rider - has body support so children can let their imaginations soar while developing balance, coordination and core strength

  • Musical equipment & farmers market - are ground-level components that are accessible to all

There’s more good news, too. The City of Chelsea has budgeted to add a “poured in place” pathway that leads to accessible features. The rest of the ground surfacing will feature ADA compliant engineered wood fiber.

All in all, the TimberTown Reimagined project--both the refurbished Clocktower Lookout and new play elements--will be a wonderful addition to the City’s recreational landscape.

Find out how you can volunteer, donate, or secure a legacy picket. Check out this video to see some of the new features that will be installed during Build Week, Aug. 6-11, 2024.

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